5 Questions with Alicia Rountree



Sustainable swimwear designer Alicia Swim, wellness guru, natural beauty, true inspiration, Alicia Rountree shared with us her everyday self- care routine. 

What’s your morning routine? 

I start the day by meditating, then I journal. Next is some sort of exercise, it varies daily. If I don’t have much time, even 10 minutes of yoga is better than nothing. I then make myself a matcha latte, and I’m ready to really start the day! This routine sets the right positive intention for my productive day ahead  


What are your 3 health tips?

- Drink a lot of water, hydration is key.

- Eat wholesome foods, as many vegetables as you can. You will get vitals and minerals naturally this way.

- Sleep before 11pm and get up early to have time for yourself in the morning. 


How do you keep your mind healthy? 

I make sure that my days are balanced. I make time for things I like to do. And most importantly I try to push myself first. I used to be a people pleaser and that can be very draining if you live from that energy constantly.


How do you take care of your skin while living in the sun?

Protection, not to go in the sun in the middle of the day when the sun is harsh and can damage your skin. I use natural products to look after my skin. My favourite face serum, that actually works miracles - is called Herbal Face Food. It's all natural, 100% plants. I love it so much they are giving my friends a discount on their first order, the code is ALICIA20 at checkout. 



What’s your favourite lunch dish? 

I love Mauritian food, a typical lunch dish would consist of rice, lentils, pumpkin, greens, tomato and coconut chutney. it’s so wholesome and grounding.



All pictures are from @aliciarountree